Let me tell you a story!

Do text messages rule the World?

Two book pack
Gift pack: Books 1 + 2 + free Fur Baby/Alien keyring


Meet Maddie Conway as she tells us about the emails & their advertures!

Book1 from Orla-200wide

Book 1

A fantastic tale of magical action and adventure filled with wonderful characters and lots of surprises along the way! Meet the quirky email characters who come to life carrying important messages all around the world. See what happens when the aliens pay a visit to Earth. What fun!

Book2 from Orla-200wide

Book 2

Science fiction meets fantasy and magic for this rollercoaster ride jam packed with action and adventure bouncing from planet Earth to far off planets in outer space. But the fun really begins when the E-mails spring into action. What next!

What Children Say About My Books

"Loved how the aliens sorted out the school bully!"
10 years old
Boyle, Co Roscommon
"The scary Tilahitan aliens with their long trunks were awesome."
8 years old
London, UK
"Such an exciting book – I loved the beautiful Buttercup fairies."
7 years old
Sydney, Australia
Feedback: 3 happy readers
3 happy readers from Cork
"Such a clever idea bringing the emails to life"
8 years old
"I found the book very exciting & different"
10 years old
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