My name is Liame

I am in charge of the hundreds of email workers who bounce up and down through the sky carrying messages from one earthling computer to another. I was so mega excited when I heard that Maddie Conway had written a book all about us.


My name is Tapper. I am the boss of all the text messages. Text Messages rule the sky. I gotta get rid of those emails. Let me know if you can help.

Space Rat King

I am King Rodo Rat. We live underneath the planets. Everybody fears us and we love causing trouble. Our rat mobile is a super duper machine. Keep an eye out. You may see it zooming overhead.

My name is Carrotpeash

I live on Planet Zibazilia and I am Princess Zamba’s trusted bodyguard. I am an alien and I am made from a carrot, a pea and an ash tree. I love twirling my pea ears to make pea soup. Turnipear is my best buddy and he is another bodyguard.

My name is Turnipear

I also live on Planet Zibazilia and I am Princess Zamba’s bodyguard. Can you guess what I am made from? Carrotpeash and I look after her Royal Highness Princess Zamba. We do not think it is safe for her Highness to travel to Planet Earth but the emails will not listen.


I am a sentry and I am Princess Zamba’s great friend. I am made up of a potato and a daisy and I smell ever so delicious when I am warm. The emails are taking me to Planet Earth, but they told me that the earthlings eat potatoes, Help! What should I do?

My name is Snizzlezallig

I live in a witch’s den in the middle of the sky. We love the emails and we watch them whizzing up and down the sky. Can I let you into a secret? I really fancy that alien sentry called Potatodai but I am too scared to tell him because he says I am smelly.

My name is Glitterati

I am a happy chappie. I oversee the zillions of stars in the universe. We love lighting up Planet Earth for the earthlings. We are not happy when Thundrati the maker of rain comes out and makes us stay at home.


Everybody says I am the only Zibazilian with no brains. The emails took me to Planet Earth and I had such a fun time. I am a Dandelon and an onion but I was scared when I saw the earthlings cooking my onion earthling relations in a pot.

Tilahitan Sentry

I am from Planet Tilahita close to the tip top of the sky. Nobody dares come near our planet without a special invitation from our leader. I wish Maddie would stop telling the earthlings about us. My leader told me to fill our trunks with ammunition in case the earthlings invade us.

Buttercup Fairy

I live in a teeny weeny planet on the south side of the sky. We love to play the harp and flirt and flippity flap our buttercup wings. I look forward to seeing the emails zoom up and down the sky with their messages. Lucky, lucky earthlings having their own messages. We love to have visitors and we hope the emails might bring an earthling to tea.

Jackus Frostus

Brrr, can you feel the cold? I love to make everybody cold and miserable. Those brainy emails stopped me taking ownership of a Planet. They think they are so clever so I cannot wait to freeze them. Gotta go now and make my icicles cold.


My job was to send hundreds of emails up and down the sky. It was so super exciting when the emails brought the aliens down to earth. Maddie says I am a hero because I sent the emails to rescue the strawberry princess.

Old Man Time

I have been in existence for millions of years. I have a Time Machine in the middle of the sky. I record everything that happens throughout the universe. I told Maddie the author everything that happened so she could write her novels. I still have loads more information to give Maddie about those emails.


I have such a fab job. I carry email messages of love all over the world. I am sending a message of love to you now xxx. Maddie says I am her favourite email worker. Thank you, Maddie. I do hope all the readers will like me.

Strawberry Princess Zamba

I live on Planet Zibazilia. The Zibazilians are the descendants of Planet Earth and I want the emails to take me there to visit my relatives. Gilly, gilly gosh it’s so exciting. Can you smell my lovely strawberry scent? I hope the earthlings will not eat me.

Jason’s Parents

We are Jason’s parents. We are so proud of our son. By sending loads of emails, he managed to save an entire planet. He is such a hero.


I am a Ziggercraft and I carry the Zibazilian people all over the sky. It was such an honour to take them to Planet Earth to meet their ancestors.