Maddie Conway, Irish Children’s Books Author

Maddie Conway is a Children’s Author from Ireland. She is the author of bestselling Novels, LOOK WHAT THE EMAILS DID and OH NO, ITS THOSE EMAILS AGAIN. Her third novel TEXT MESSAGES RULE THE WORLD, OH NO THEY DON’T SAY THE EMAILS has just been published. Maddie hopes children will love the real-life text messages just as much as they like the real- life emails.

Maddie takes a keen interest in technology and is very excited to be the first author to introduce the living text and email messengers to children of the world. She loves when her readers inform her that sending electronic messages has become so exciting as they began to invent their own characters and names for their messages.

Maddie loves to create worlds for children to enjoy and escape into. (She spends a lot of her time in that world also) She takes great delight in creating exciting characters and making them come to life in fantastic, imaginative scenarios.

Maddie qualified as a speech and drama teacher and spends her free time ballroom dancing, reading, crafting, designing knitwear, and participating in amateur dramatics. However, for Maddie writing is special, and she has had hundreds of short stories published all over the world in addition to her three children’s novels. She believes in the power of stories to move, entertain, and transform young minds.

This fun-loving author has also appeared in many music videos and films, one of which won best music video award in London in 2018.

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children's books ireland kids books online maddie conway author

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children's books ireland kids books online maddie conway author