Text Messages Rule the World – Oh No They Don’t Say the Emails

For the first time ever, children of the world are introduced to the real text and email messengers. The battle is on to see who will win the war of the skies.

Will the highly mischievous texts or the happy go lucky emails reign supreme as the most effective method of communication for the earthlings?

Meet brain dead aliens, crazy witches, space crocs and a host of other amazing characters in this super exciting 282 page novel

Look What the Emails Did

A fantastic tale of magical action and adventure filled with wonderful characters and lots of surprises along the way! 

Combining science fiction, fantasy and magic, Irish childrens’ author Maddie Conway takes readers on an amazing journey where they are catapulted from planet Earth to a brand-new planet at the top of the sky where they encounter a smelly witch, fun loving aliens, a princess in need of rescuing and lots of mystery, intrigue and suspense along the way.

Meet the quirky email characters who come to life carrying important messages all around the world and watch what happens next when the aliens pay a visit to Earth. Oh what fun!

Oh No! It’s Those Emails Again

Science fiction meets fantasy and magic for this rollercoaster ride jam packed with action and adventure bouncing from planet earth to far off planets in outer space.

• A nasty alien bodyguard is gobbled up by a Space Croc while his companion is kidnapped by a gang of smelly witches.
• A raging fire burns the beautiful planet of Zibazilia.
• A Princess is poisoned by the rotting skin of a space Pumpkin.
• An Alien Spacecraft is stolen on Planet Earth leaving the sick and hungry aliens stranded.
• A strawberry princess and a potato daisy deal with a school bully.

But the action really begins when the E-mails spring into action. Can our electronic friends save the day? All will be revealed in this non-stop adventure full of magic and mystery.

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